Reims Tour – Spend one Bubbly Day in Reims!

If you feel like having a day trip from Paris, a perfect destination would be the beautiful city of Reims located at only 1h45min drive.The city of Reims has two major presents to offer its visitors: History and Champagne.


Indeed, Reims city center is full of History and is guarding one of the most important heritage of France: “The Cathedral Notre Dame De Reims” and any tour of the city must should begin with it.

The Gothic Cathedral where french kings were crowned has been inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and for good reasons as it is an architectural jewel and it has a unique facade composed of 2,303 statues where you can discover biblical scenes, a gallery of kings, gargoyles and the emblem of the city : “l’ange au sourire” (the angel with a smile). Inside you can observe stained glass: the first big Rose, which has just been renovated, but also contemporary stained glass realised by Marc Chagall and Imi Knoebel.

Reims city is full of history and you will enjoy wander through the city and discover the eclectic style of the buildings mainly Art Deco. Indeed,Reims was one of the most devastated city by the First World War and it was rebuilt in a potpourri of styles due to the urgence of the reconstruction.The mayor at the time said to build any way you like — just build.

You can also visit another sites listed in the Unesco World Heritage such as the Palace of Tau, the old Saint Remi Abbey and the Champagne Landscapes.

Champagne tasting

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.”F. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist

Treat yourself with a sparkling day in Reims and Epernay in the champagne Houses of your choice. All the top champagne producers offer tours of their cellars. You will be able to learn about the champagne making process and then enjoy a champagne tasting. The dilemma will be to choose the champagne House you want to visit. Most of the champagne houses are located in Reims and Epernay, you can opt for  luxurious champagne Houses with majestic cellars or enjoy the authenticity of an encounter with a champagne wine producers.

To make it an easy day trip and  to optimise your visit in Reims and Epernay we will be glad to put at your disposal a driver and a car.We will pick you up in Paris and drive you back on the evening. We can help you build your trip in Reims and give you addresses and recommendations. We can also help you to find a guide in Reims.

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A few Champagne Houses in Reims and Epernay