Sightseeing & City Pass in Paris‎

The Paris Pass An all-in-one flexible and comprehensive sightseeing package. Time Saver Money saver Stress reliever The Paris Pass will enable you to: Free entry to over 60 museums and monuments such as Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Pompidou centre. Free entry to the best Paris attractions including the Hop-on

Essential French phrases for travellers

Greetings and Salutations Bonjour! Hello! (Also good morning!) Salut! Hi! It is an informal and relaxed greeting. It is to be used with accointances. Note that the “t” on the end of the word is silent. Coucou! Hey there! This is an informal way of greeting someone, it can be used as an exclamation meaning

Interesting figures about the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is the largest in the world The total area of the Louvre Museum is of 243000 m2. 73000 m2 are dedicated to showrooms. There are 14.5 km of halls and corridors. There are 2410 windows. There are 3000 locks. There are 10 000 steps. There are 70 elevators. The largest collection of works