Essential French phrases for travellers

Greetings and Salutations

Hello! (Also good morning!)


It is an informal and relaxed greeting. It is to be used with accointances. Note that the “t” on the end of the word is silent.

Hey there!

This is an informal way of greeting someone, it can be used as an exclamation meaning “hello” or “hi.” It is similar to the English exclamation “peek-a-boo!”.


What’s up?

Informal greeting.This literally means “what’s new?

See you soon!

It expresses your desire to see the other person soon, but without giving a precise time frame. The final “t” is silent.

See you later!

“A tout à l’heure” or “A plus tard” is used when you are going to see the other person again later the same day. You are not giving a precise time, but it is understood that you will likely see the person later that same day.


Have a nice day!

Thank you and please in French

Thank you

Thank you very much

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Speaking difficulties

Do you speak English?

I only speak English

I understand

I don’t understand

I don’t know

Asking for help

Travel related words and phrases





A bag

A seat

A round trip ticket

A one way ticket

How much does the ticket cost?

I would like to book a ticket

Interesting figures about the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is the largest in the world

  • The total area of the Louvre Museum is of 243000 m2.
  • 73000 m2 are dedicated to showrooms.
  • There are 14.5 km of halls and corridors.
  • There are 2410 windows.
  • There are 3000 locks.
  • There are 10 000 steps.
  • There are 70 elevators.

The largest collection of works in the world

  • 460 000 works of art constitute the collections of the Louvre.
  • Only 35 000 are exhibited and 2000 lent annually to other museums or institutions around the world.
  • To visit the Louvre Museum as a whole, you would need 3 days and 2 nights of non-stop visit … and this, by spending only 10 seconds to each of the works on display.
  • The largest painting of the Louvre remains The Wedding Feast at Cana (1563), by the Italian artist Paolo Veronese whose surface reaches 67 m2. It is closely followed by the coronation of Napoleon painted by David with 60 m2 of surface.
  • It houses the probably most famous painting in the world: the Mona Lisa

The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world

  • With more than 10 million admissions in 2018, the Louvre broke all records and rose to the top of the podium, becoming the most visited museum in the world
  • Indeed, in 2018, the Louvre saw a huge spike in visitors thanks largely to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Apesh*t” video, released in June.

Thanks to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Paris' Louvre Museum Broke Its Visitor Record in 2018

The number of employees at the Louvre

  • More than 2100 people work at the museum
  • Including 1200 guards, 65 preservatives and 48 firefighters